About L&M


The management team consists of individuals whose backgrounds include over 25 years experience in the marketing of aircraft parts. The aircraft management team has gained name recognition as a fast, efficient provider of hard-to-locate parts leading to increased sales throughout the industry. Bryan Littell is an owner and the manager in charge of this Limited Liability Company.

ProductsAirplane Parts

The ability to provide new, used and rebuilt parts for all makes and models of corporate and light aircraft gives L & M Aircraft Parts, LLC (L & M) a unique position in the marketplace. Distributorships and light plane factories are providing fewer parts and a reduced level of service for corporate and light aircraft, which have been out of production, creating a unique niche fulfilled by L & M for locating new, used and hard-to-find parts. Products in stock include landing gears, actuators, gear boxes, flaps, hydraulics, rotables, and many hard-to-find corporate and light aircraft parts.


L & M has gained name recognition for their one-stop service with fast and efficient processing of parts orders at a very competitive price from aircraft owners, aircraft brokers and fixed base operators located nationally and internationally. Response from these customers indicates the service provided by L & M is enjoying an increasingly excellent reputation.


Overall L & M can be characterized as an aggressive distributor of aircraft parts for corporate and light planes that are not readily available through ordinary distributors or manufacturing channels.

L & M enjoys an established track record of support through providing outstanding service to customers. The intent of management is to continue the Company's advance in the aircraft marketplace internationally through a reputation of fast and efficient one-stop service for all makes and models of corporate and light aircraft.